Macular Degeneration in West Palm Beach, FL

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What is macular degeneration?

Macular degeneration is a serious eye problem that impacts the macula and affects patients 50 years and older. The macula is the middle part of your retina, which is responsible for your central vision, fine details, and color perception. It has a large amount of photoreceptor cells that help you detect light. If your macula becomes damaged because of dry or wet forms of macular degeneration, you may experience partial or total vision loss. Because this disease is progressive, it’s important to diagnose it as early as possible. Serving our West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Wellington, FL communities, please schedule a comprehensive eye exam with one of our ophthalmologists so we can diagnose and provide co-management for your condition.

Treatments for Macular Degeneration

At this point, macular degeneration is not a curable disease. However, we provide treatments that can decrease your symptoms, slow the progress, and manage the disease. Depending on your condition and the type of macular degeneration you experience, our team may suggest various treatment options, like supplements (AREDS), low-vision aids or magnifiers, and laser procedures. Each person receives an individualized plan based on their needs, and generally, our ophthalmologists utilize multiple types of therapies. Your treatments can help reduce severe symptoms and the loss of eyesight.

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Manage macular degeneration

At Bentz Eye Center, our West Palm Beach, FL ophthalmologists have provided treatment to many patients who have macular degeneration. If you feel overwhelmed when thinking about managing this disease, our compassionate team will provide you with the best options and ensure you feel confident in our suggestions. Helping our West Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Wellington, FL neighbors, please schedule an appointment with our board-certified ophthalmologists to receive additional information about macular degeneration.

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