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Glaucoma Treatments in West Palm Beach, FL

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About Glaucoma Treatments

Thanks to recent scientific innovations in glaucoma treatment techniques, millions of glaucoma patients now have access to new eye pressure treatments that help manage the condition.

At Bentz Eye Center, we proudly perform minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), new laser therapies, and specialized glaucoma medications for our West Palm Beach, FL patients. MIGS procedures utilize microscopic incisions and devices to decrease intraocular pressure to stop or slow further injury to the optic nerve. Even better, MIGS can help at nearly all stages of the disease. For patients who need other options, we may recommend laser treatments or certain medications to relieve eye pressure. Please visit our West Palm Beach, FL, eye doctors to schedule your eye evaluation and receive a detailed treatment plan.

What to expect with Glaucoma treatments

No one except a highly trained ophthalmologist can determine if someone is an ideal candidate for MIGS, laser therapy, or glaucoma medication. Each type of glaucoma can have varying stages of intensity — so everyone needs a personalized procedure plan to manage their internal eye pressure. At a consultation, our team will figure out which glaucoma treatment works best for your needs.

While utilizing the most advanced technology and the latest research, our team specializes in MIGS procedures, laser treatments, and certain medications. During your eye exam, you’ll receive detailed information about the procedure plan, surgery type, aftercare instructions (if undergoing surgery), and follow-up appointments. At Bentz Eye Center, we’ll help you monitor your internal eye pressure to reduce the chances of partial or total vision loss.

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Glaucoma Treatments FAQ

How is glaucoma detected?

There are five major tests that are performed to detect and diagnose glaucoma:

  • Perimetry: Measures the field of vision
  • Tonometry: Measures eye pressure
  • Ophthalmoscopy: Inspects the optic nerve
  • Gonioscopy: Checks the angle where the iris and cornea meet
  • Pachymetry: Measures the thickness of the cornea

All of these glaucoma exams can be performed at our West Palm Beach, FL, eye center.

What is normal eye pressure?

Eye pressure should be in the 10 – 21 mm HG range, and anything above is typically considered ocular hypertension. However, you may have an eye pressure in the "normal" range and still be experiencing symptoms and optic nerve damage. It is best to be evaluated by a vision care professional.

How can I relieve eye pressure?

You should seek treatment for glaucoma and cataracts as soon as you are diagnosed. Eye pressure treatment in West Palm Beach, FL, typically involves prescription eye drops, medications, and in some cases, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) and other traditional surgeries.


For the longest time, patients who had advanced glaucoma only had one solution for treatment. However, minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), laser therapies, and medications now allow us to provide multiple types of options to help patients control their glaucoma. Please reach out to Bentz Eye Center to schedule a glaucoma treatment consultation with an experienced West Palm Beach, FL ophthalmologist and effectively control your intraocular pressure.

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