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About Glaucoma

Glaucoma is a category of disorders that can impact the eye's optic nerve, which controls carrying visual messages to the brain. When not treated early enough, glaucoma will often lead to permanent vision loss and/or total blindness. Typically, this condition happens because of elevated intraocular pressure from built-up fluid.

Because glaucoma doesn't exhibit symptoms until it impacts your vision, we always recommend scheduling comprehensive eye exams at least every two years. At Bentz Eye Center in West Palm Beach, FL, our group has the most up-to-date diagnostic techniques, and we have extensive experience in glaucoma management and diagnosis. If you are older than 40 years old, please call us to schedule your comprehensive eye exam and take a proactive approach to maintain your ocular health.

What should I expect with glaucoma treatment?

Two significant factors often categorize the type of glaucoma you have. These include the condition of your trabecular meshwork and the degree of the angle between the iris and cornea. If the fluid retention occurs because of a problem within the trabecular meshwork, we call this open-angle glaucoma. For other patients, if the retention happens because the space between the cornea and iris has become too constricted or blocked, this is called narrow- or closed-angle glaucoma. However, patients can also experience secondary glaucoma because of an underlying condition. To determine if you have glaucoma, we perform several diagnostic tests, like:

  • Measuring the pressure inside the eye (tonometry)
  • Assessing the thickness of the cornea (pachymetry)
  • Reviewing the width of the angle between the iris and cornea (gonioscopy)
  • Observing and digitally imaging the condition of the optic nerve
  • Testing the degree of outer (as opposed to central) vision
  • Looking for any spots of blindness

Once we have diagnosed your glaucoma, we offer several treatment options to manage the condition. In the early stages, our team recommends using daily eye drops. Complex cases may require other forms of glaucoma management, like minimally invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS), laser therapies, or trabeculectomies.

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Take Control of Glaucoma

At Bentz Eye Center, we regularly assist patients with managing their glaucoma. It’s comforting to know that early detection and treatment can reduce the chances of vision loss. Our team of expert ophthalmologists in West Palm Beach, FL encourages anyone who has symptoms or a current diagnosis of glaucoma to schedule an appointment at our eye care center.

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