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Why Are Eyeglasses Important?

For patients with myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia (age-related vision loss), or other types of vision impairment, being able to diagnose the problem and treat it at the same location can be highly convenient. The team at Bentz Eye Center is proud to provide prescription eyeglasses to West Palm Beach, FL patients and offer advanced vision technology, an optical laboratory, and an optical shop on site. Following your exam with one of our eye doctors, you can choose from a wide selection of attractive glasses frames and lenses to meet your vision needs. Our experienced staff is here to ensure you end up with eyeglasses that offer the best fit, comfort level, and appearance. If you need corrective lenses, we invite you to contact our facility today to arrange for an exam and optical consultation.

Are Eyeglasses Right For Me?

Following a full eye exam, the team at Bentz Eye Center can determine if eyeglasses are the best-fitting treatment for your vision problems. Eyeglasses are an easy solution for those who may not be ready to wear contact lenses or who have eye conditions that may preclude them from wearing contacts. Eyeglass design and technology have improved significantly in recent years and shouldn't be thought of as less advanced than contacts. They are typically more affordable than contacts, less difficult to clean, and not as easily damaged. In addition, glasses defend the eyes from a host of environmental elements and do not bother dry or tender eyes like contacts often do. However, many patients choose to use both glasses and contacts for different activities.

What Can I Expect With Eyeglasses?

At Bentz Eye Center, our eye specialists can accurately test your vision for refractive errors, diagnose eye health issues, and prescribe the right treatment to help ensure you see clearly. As soon as we finish a complete eye exam, we can go over whether glasses are the most effective option for your vision needs. Our eye doctors may recommend glasses as an effective solution for those who are not ready or willing to use contacts or experience certain eye conditions. Based on your exam, our optical team will help you make the best decision for your vision requirements and budget. We can also help you select a pair of glasses to match your facial shape, fashion preferences, and lifestyle.

Eyeglasses FAQ

What type of glasses do I need?

While there are several lens options for eyeglasses, the two primary types are single-vision and multifocal. The type recommended for you will be based on your individual vision impairment, whether you need glasses for distance or near vision, and other factors. We are pleased to offer a broad selection of eyeglasses to West Palm Beach, FL, patients and can craft the ideal pair for you.

Can wearing glasses make my vision worse?

No, wearing eyeglasses doesn’t make your vision worse. Corrective lenses only focus the light to correct for refractive errors in your eyes to help you see clearly. This is a common misconception mainly caused by the fact that as we age, many people’s vision gets worse. This can easily be corrected with prescription glasses, contact lenses, or surgery.

Should I choose eyeglasses or contacts?

Both eyeglasses and contact lenses can correct your vision to improve your eyesight. However, each carries its own unique advantages and may be preferred in some cases over others. Glasses are easy to wear and are simple to take on and off. They can provide eye protection from certain factors, offer blue light and UV filter options, and even serve as a fashion accessory.

Does insurance cover the cost of eyeglasses?

Your vision insurance may cover a portion of your eyeglass lenses and frames. During your exam and consultation at Bentz Eye Center, our team can review your insurance plan and let you know of any anticipated out-of-pocket costs for your new glasses.

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Clearer Vision Is One Appointment Away

Vision impairments, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and age-related vision loss, can affect your life in many ways, but thankfully, we can often treat these conditions. No one should have to struggle to see clearly when going about their normal activities. If you're in need of eyeglasses in West Palm Beach, FL, we would love for you to contact our optical center and arrange a consultation. At Bentz Eye Center, our team is happy to help you finally have your clearest vision.

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