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Contact Lenses and Eyeglasses

For patients with certain types of vision impairments, such as myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), or presbyopia (age-related vision loss), being able to diagnose the problem and treat it at the same location makes things very convenient.

At Bentz Eye Center, our team proudly provides advanced vision technology, an optical laboratory, and an optical shop. Following your glasses or contact lenses fitting, you can choose from a wide selection of lenses and attractive glasses. For West Palm Beach, FL locals who require contact lenses as soon as possible, we keep an excellent stock of the most common diameters and power ranges so you can take them home on the same day. Our experienced staff is here to ensure you end up with frames or contact lenses that offer the best fit and look.

What to expect with contact lenses and eyeglass fittings

As soon as we finish a complete eye exam, we can go over whether contacts or glasses are the most effective treatment for your vision needs. For many adults and teens, contacts are the easiest option to get their best vision. We provide contact lenses for various eye needs, including daily wear, disposable, bifocal, and astigmatism. Our team may recommend glasses as an effective solution for patients who may not feel ready to use contacts or experience certain eye conditions.

Based on your exam, our optometrists and opticians will help you make the best decision for your individual needs and goals. The majority of patients will not require a follow-up visit if they only select frames. However, our eye doctors will ask for a follow-up in about six weeks to assess your contact lens fit. Everyone should note that follow-up visits cannot serve as a complete eye exam because they do not assess your internal or external eye structures.

Eyeglasses And Contact Lenses FAQ

Can wearing glasses make your vision worse?

No, wearing eyeglasses doesn’t make your vision worse. Corrective lenses only focus the light to correct for refractive errors in your eyes to help you see clearly. This is a common misconception mainly caused by the fact that as we age, many people’s vision gets worse. This can easily be corrected with prescription glasses, contact lenses, or surgery. At Bentz Eye Center, our expert team of doctors can accurately test your vision for refractive errors, diagnose eye health issues, and prescribe the right treatment to help ensure you see clearly.

Can you wear contacts every day?

Unless you are experiencing a temporary eye issue preventing from wearing your contact lenses like redness, irritation, or an eye infection, wearing contact lenses daily is OK. Remember to always practice proper cleaning and care for your contacts.

How long can you wear contact lenses?

The length of time you can wear your contacts will depend on the type of contacts they are.

  • Daily Wear Contacts - need to be removed before bedtime, so the average wear time is about 16 hours.
  • Extended Wear Contacts - can be worn overnight and are typically worn up to seven days at a time.

You should always talk to your eye doctor about contact lens wear recommendations.

Which is better, glasses or contacts?

Both eyeglasses and contact lenses can correct your vision to improve your eyesight. Each has its pros and cons. Here are a few:



  • Easy to wear, simply take them on and off
  • Fashion accessory
  • Blue light and UV filter options
  • Eye protection


  • Some prescriptions can distort vision, especially around the edges
  • Glasses can steam or fog up
  • Glasses can be uncomfortable for some people



  • A more natural feel for some people
  • No peripheral vision distortions, greater field of vision
  • No fogging or steaming
  • Change eye color
  • A neutral, more natural look


  • You must practice good maintenance, storage, and hygiene to prevent eye infections
  • Can cause dry eyes and irritation
  • Must be comfortable touching your eye to apply and remove contacts
  • Can fall out
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Dependable, Clear Vision

Better vision is one appointment away. Vision impairments, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and age-related vision loss, can cause a lot of aggravation, but thankfully, we easily treat each condition. No one should have to struggle to see clearly when doing their normal activities. We would love for you to visit our West Palm Beach, FL practice and arrange a consultation. At Bentz Eye Center, our team is happy to help you finally have your clearest vision.

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