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Dry Eye Syndrome in West Palm Beach, FL

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What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

All of us will experience dry, irritated eyes, but when it lingers for more than a few days or occurs regularly, you might have dry eye syndrome. This common condition happens because of a lack of tears or unbalanced tear components, which may occur because of medical problems, medications, or environmental factors. Human tears are fundamental to the general health of the eyes. That's why, when your tear production is unbalanced, it can cause extreme discomfort to the eyes and blurry vision. An underlying condition typically causes dry eye syndrome, and as soon as we find the underlying problem and treat it, patients can reduce the symptoms of dry eye.

Our West Palm Beach, FL ophthalmologists at Bentz Eye Center provide treatment options for people who experience dry eye syndrome. We perform a complete eye exam to accurately diagnose your condition and confirm whether you have an underlying condition. To hear more about treatments for dry eye syndrome, please get in touch with Bentz Eye Center to schedule your exam.

What are the symptoms of dry eye syndrome?

Contrary to how the name sounds, dry eye can often cause an overproduction of tears to compensate for the dryness. The leading cause of dry eye syndrome is the lack of oils within the tears. The generation of tears has three essential components, and patients may experience different types of dry eye syndrome based on which part is malfunctioning. Dry eye syndrome symptoms may include:

  • Hazy vision
  • Bloodshot eyes
  • Scratchiness
  • Burning
  • Grittiness
  • Pain when putting in contacts
  • Weak and achy eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Problems driving at night

The best method for determining if you have dry eye is a comprehensive eye exam. Along with your symptoms, we will examine past or current conditions to establish any underlying problems. If you are diagnosed with dry eye syndrome, our eye doctors will provide a treatment plan consisting of prescription medications, or for more severe cases, they may perform punctal occlusion to keep the natural tears in your eye.

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Dry Eye Syndrome FAQ

What causes dry eye syndrome?

You may experience dry eye syndrome when your eyes do not produce enough tears or if your tear quality is poor. While the exact cause of dry eye syndrome can be unknown, there are several factors that place patients at an elevated risk for dry eyes. These risk factors include diabetes, previous laser eye surgery, contact lens use, aging, and Sjogren's syndrome. Our dry eye specialists in West Palm Beach, FL, can help determine the cause of your specific condition.

Can dry eye syndrome be cured?

Currently, there is no long-term cure for dry eye syndrome, though there are effective treatments to manage symptoms. Managing your dry eye symptoms will help preserve your eye health and keep your quality of life high.

Can dry eye syndrome lead to blindness?

Chronic dry eye syndrome can lead to an increased risk of eye infections and damage to your eye structures. When left untreated, these problems could potentially cause blindness. It is important to seek dry eye treatment near you when you notice symptoms so that you can maintain optimum ocular health.

Relieve Your Dry Eye Today

Experiencing the symptoms of dry eye syndrome is not only a serious annoyance, but it can also lead to vision impairment without treatment. If you have been living with dry eye symptoms and hoping to treat them with helpful solutions, please schedule an exam at our West Palm Beach, FL facility. Our great group of ophthalmologists and optometrists at Bentz Eye Center can diagnose and treat the different versions of dry eye syndrome.

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