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The human eye is an amazing organ - complex, sensitive, and effective. However, like any part of the body, it is prone to certain conditions. At Bentz Eye Center, Dr. Robert Bentz and his experienced team of doctors offer diagnosis and treatment for a wide variety of eye conditions, including blurry vision, eye allergies, dry eye syndrome, and more. If you're in West Palm Beach, FL, or the surrounding area and are suffering from an eye condition, call us today for an appointment. Tell us about your condition, and let's formulate a plan to relieve your issue and keep your amazing eyes clear and healthy.

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Blurry vision makes objects look out of focus and may occur because of a refractive error, disease, or neurological issue that requires treatment.

Caused by allergens, eye allergies can create symptoms, like red, watery, itchy, or puffy eyes, which may need drops or different contact lenses.

Dry eye syndrome occurs because of unbalanced tear components, which causes discomfort and blurry vision, and requires eye drops or punctal occlusion.

Strabismus surgery loosens or tightens the eye muscles to improve the alignment of the eyes, enhance eyesight, and achieve a natural appearance.

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