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What Is a Pterygium?

A pterygium is a benign tumor that starts on the white part of the eye or the sclera. Often called an “eye web” or “surfer’s eye,” patients who develop pterygium tend to live in sunny places with lots of wind, sand, or other irritants. This condition may also happen more frequently in patients with dry eye syndrome. Usually beginning in the inner corner of your eye, a pterygium starts on the conjunctiva (a transparent film that covers the sclera) and may grow more prominent so that it covers part or all of the cornea. Sometimes, a pterygium may change the appearance of your cornea, which impacts your ability to see. Our board-certified ophthalmologists at Bentz Eye Center specialize in advanced options for pterygium removal in West Palm Beach, FL. Please schedule an appointment at our eye center to receive additional information about “surfer’s eye” and the causes.

How Are Pterygia Diagnosed and Treated?

Because a pterygium has distinct characteristics, our eye doctors can generally diagnose the issue during a physical exam. Our ophthalmologist may utilize a slit lamp for an enhanced look at the growth, or they may complete corneal mapping. Pterygia may appear pink, white, or gray and can cause cosmetic issues for patients living in sunny West Palm Beach, FL. A pterygium may also create other irritating symptoms, like:

  • Inflammation
  • Blurred vision
  • A foreign body sensation
  • Redness

Some patients can treat the issue on their own or control it with eye drops. However, if a pterygium starts to impact your field of vision or cause other symptoms, our cornea specialist at Bentz Eye Center utilizes the best techniques to carefully eliminate pterygia. In some cases, we may combine a pterygium surgery with another treatment called conjunctival auto-grafting. This procedure transplants tissue from the upper eyelid to rejuvenate the conjunctiva structure.

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Although a pterygium is generally a minor eye condition, it may impact your eyesight or increase in size, which can become a cosmetic issue. At Bentz Eye Center, our West Palm Beach, FL ophthalmic team diagnoses, treats, and manages pterygia so you can live more comfortably. If you experience symptoms of a surfer’s eye, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with our West Palm Beach, FL cornea specialist. Our eye doctors take a range of payment options and insurance plans to make it easier on you.

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