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Corneal Transplants in West Palm Beach, FL

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What is a Corneal Transplant?

The cornea is the transparent film on top of the eye, which helps bend light so you can see and focus on objects. If your cornea becomes damaged, scarred, or inflamed, you may start to experience blurry eyesight or vision glares. The cornea is an extraordinarily resilient eye structure that can often heal from minor injuries; however, sometimes, the cornea has difficulty healing and repairing itself. When this happens, our West Palm Beach, FL ophthalmologist may recommend a corneal transplant. At Bentz Eye Center, our team removes viable cornea tissue from a human donor to replace the damaged cornea. Based on your condition, patients can have part of or the entire cornea replaced. Please schedule an appointment at Bentz Eye Center to meet with one of our cornea transplant specialists in West Palm Beach, FL.

What Can I expect during a corneal transplant?

Prior to your surgery of the cornea, you and one of our expert ophthalmologists will discuss your overall health and medications to ensure you qualify for a corneal transplant in West Palm Beach, FL. Once we determine that this treatment works best for you, our group can design a plan and schedule your procedure.

As an outpatient treatment at Bentz Eye Center, we start by administering eye drops to numb the eye and placing an eye speculum to prevent you from blinking. Our West Palm Beach, FL ophthalmologist tapes a patch over your eye, which encourages healing during the recovery period. Following your procedure, you'll receive detailed aftercare instructions, and we will ask you to come back into the office for post-surgery visits.

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Corneal transplant FAQ

Will a corneal transplant hurt? 
When you undergo a corneal transplant in West Palm Beach, FL, our eye doctors will provide a local anesthetic that numbs the eye so that you feel no pain. If you are anxious or extremely nervous about the procedure, other steps can be taken to make sure you're comfortable. These options can include a sedative or general anesthesia.

Will insurance cover my corneal transplant? 
Corneal transplants in West Palm Beach, FL, are typically covered by insurance. However, it is important to check with a member of our team at Bentz Eye Center so that we can work with your provider to determine any out-of-pocket costs before the day of surgery.

How is a donor cornea chosen? 
When you schedule a cornea transplant, they are pulled from the tissue banks of those who have donated their corneas to medicine. These donor tissues are all carefully inspected for quality before you undergo surgery to ensure they are safe and will fit your specific need.

How long does a cornea transplant last?
A cornea transplant will last up to a decade without any issues or complications. It is important for you to discuss the various ways to keep your transplant in optimal shape throughout the process. For additional information on corneal transplants in West Palm Beach, FL schedule an appointment to talk with our team today.

Clear Vision is Possible

For patients with a damaged cornea, a corneal transplant in West Palm Beach, FL, can help improve their vision. Please talk to one of our ophthalmologists to receive additional information about cornea transplant procedures and see if it can address your concerns. At Bentz Eye Center, our team wants you to live comfortably and enhance your eyesight.

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