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Cornea Treatments in West Palm Beach, FL

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What Are Cornea Treatments?

The cornea is the transparent layer that goes over the top part of your eye. Its main goal is to help bend light so we can clearly see things. Many eye conditions can damage the topmost layer of the cornea (corneal epithelium), such as corneal abrasion, corneal infection, and keratitis. These types of problems can create severe pain and could impact your vision. At Bentz Eye Center, our cornea specialists offer innovative cornea treatments in West Palm Beach, FL. Please schedule an appointment at our eye care facility to receive additional information about eye abrasion treatment in West Palm Beach, FL.

What types of cornea treatments are offered?

Our team will start by performing a comprehensive exam to determine the type of corneal disease or condition. Often, our eye care specialists use eye drops with fluorescein dye to get a detailed view of the corneal damage and select the best treatment for your needs. Once we know what is causing your discomfort, we develop a treatment plan and provide prescribed eye drops, an eye patch, or ointment to help with the condition. For more complex cases, patients may need surgery of the cornea, like Lamellar keratectomy or corneal foreign body removal. You’ll receive details about your procedure options, and we can answer any questions at the time of your eye exam. Schedule an appointment with our cornea specialist today.

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Cornea Treatment FAQ

What are the common signs of cornea damage? 
The common signs of cornea damage include blurred vision, stinging or eye pain, light sensitivity, and swollen eyelids. Contact our cornea specialist in West Palm Beach, FL, for more information. 

How long does it take for a damaged cornea to heal?
Minor cornea abrasions can heal in as little as 24 – 72 hours, but a deeper injury may take a few weeks or a month after treatment. Contact our doctors for more information on how we can help your eye heal correctly. 

What should you avoid while a cornea heals?
It is important to resist trying to remove an object that's present in the eye. It is also recommended to not rub the area and not touch your eye with cotton balls or tweezers. For more information on how to help yourself heal, schedule an appointment with our cornea specialist. 

Can a damaged cornea repair itself?
If a cornea has suffered a minor injury, a cornea can heal itself. A scratched cornea can be healed with healthy cells that will slide over the scratch and heal the injury. However, a deeper injury will likely need assistance. For more information on the quality cornea treatments in West Palm Beach, FL, we offer, call us today. 

Expert Corneal Care

When treating corneal abrasion, corneal infection, and keratitis, patients should work with an ophthalmologist to receive the best care possible. That way, you can avoid any long-term damage to your eyesight. If you think you may need cornea treatments in West Palm Beach, FL, please schedule an appointment at Bentz Eye Center to receive detailed information.

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