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What Are AmbioDisk and PROKERA?

We use amniotic membrane (AM) grafts made from biologic tissue to help strengthen the cornea after diseases or refractive surgery. As allografts, we source healthy tissue from the human amniotic (fetal) membrane, which includes many nutrient-rich growth factors and other healing and regenerative properties. Committed to providing the best and latest techniques in ophthalmology services, our eye doctors at Bentz Eye Center use AmbioDisk® and PROKERA® amniotic membrane allograft treatments. AmbioDisk and PROKERA act as a protective film, giving your eye tissues a chance to heal. Using these grafted tissues, our team can decrease the possibility of corneal scarring, reduce inflammation, and improve patient relief after a corneal treatment. For patients with corneal problems or those who need refractive or cataract surgery, we invite you to schedule an appointment with one of our West Palm Beach, FL ophthalmologists to receive additional information about amniotic membrane grafts.

How Are AmBioDisk and PROKERA Membranes Placed?

AmbioDisk and PROKERA can help treat various eye concerns, such as corneal ulcers, corneal erosion, chemical burns, corneal weaknesses, keratitis, dry eye syndrome, and eye infections. During a quick visit to our office, we can carefully place your sutureless graft membranes (AmbioDisk and PROKERA). Our team starts by placing an eye speculum to prevent blinking and administering drops that numb the eye. The technique for completing AmbioDisk and PROKERA will vary slightly:

  • AmbioDisk goes across the top of your eye. Next, patients wear a healing contact lens to keep the graft in position.
  • PROKERA starts by us securing an ophthalmic conformer ring, which goes over the surface of your eye.

Both of these options provide essential nutrients that encourage healing. Generally, they take around 5 – 7 days to absorb into your eye. Following this period, one of our board-certified ophthalmologists takes out the AmbioDisk membrane and PROKERA conformer ring from your eye.

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Ophthalmic Healing Solutions

Having optimal corneal health is critical for your overall comfort and eyesight. Amniotic membrane grafts, like AmbioDisk and PROKERA, provide a natural option for recovery, healing, and rejuvenation. These options can strengthen the cornea or help get it ready for eye surgery. Please schedule an appointment with one of our West Palm Beach, FL cornea specialists to discover the benefits of amniotic membrane allografts.

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