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Information About Cornea Services

The cornea is one of the most crucial structures of the eye, responsible for focusing as much as 75% of the light you see. That's why at Bentz Eye Center, we offer our patients a full range of cornea treatments, including medicinal relief for corneal abrasion, infection, and keratitis. Our expert team of doctors also provides corneal transplants, AmbioDisk®, PROKERA®, and more. If you're in the West Palm Beach, FL area, call us today for an appointment. Let us help protect your corneas to help keep your eyes healthy and seeing the world clearly.

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Cornea treatments in West Palm Beach, like eye drops, medications, and ointments, provide relief for corneal infections, abrasions, and keratitis.

The cornea helps bend light and, if damaged, may require a partial or total healthy cornea transplant to remove the tissue in West Palm Beach.

Amniotic AmbioDisk and PROKERA membrane grafts placed on the cornea improve eye health, treat disease, and encourage new growth in West Palm Beach.

A pterygium or surfer’s eye is a benign growth appearing on the sclera that needs to be removed before it worsens eyesight for West Palm Beach patient

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